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About us

We are an alliance of independent consultants with expertise across sport and entertainment. We work with clients in a different way; giving direct, focused access to highly endorsed, trusted specialists. Whilst independent, we have a strong shared business support, making us efficient for the client, and able to focus on what we do best.

The Network is a part of an evolved offer from iMedia. The Network model is designed to create easy access to our industry’s best talent without the bureaucracy and chains of command of the larger agencies, and the ability to give breadth of quality smaller agencies can’t afford. Clients have complete confidence The Network can deliver national and international projects through iMedia’s account management team’s 20 year track record.

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The Network Model

The Network Model has three layers:

1. Consultants

Independent network of partner level consultants

2. Account Management

Award winning account management team

3. Administrative Hub

Administrative support function


It is this combination of talent + award winning account management + administrative hub that allows our Consultants to exclusively focus on the business of their clients.

For further information on the consultants Vetting Process, and our Pricing model click here.


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Benefits of working with The Network

Breadth of Knowledge

Unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge and experience

We offer wide expertise in sports and entertainment marketing & communications.


Senior practitioners work directly and flexibly with clients

We offer senior practitioners working directly with clients, in any combination of skills and expertise and knowledge. None are distracted by management and organisational obligations or internal hierarchies and rivalries.


Value for money

We offer value for money – industry-leading quality at competitive prices. We can do this because our model does not involve the usual heavy agency overheads.


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Our Consultants

Our Consultants are a growing group of talented, experienced senior marketing & communications experts from the field of sports and entertainment. Highly vetted, award winning and endorsed. We offer 360degree skill sets, with multi-sector knowledge. Individuals within The Network have the ability to make completely impartial and objective recommendations to the client, agnostic of delivery channel and any attachment to other businesses. This creates trust and transparency, and their work will always be in the clients’ best interests.

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The Network’s track record

Our vetting process means each Consultant brings significant knowledge, award-winning experience, a strong track record of proven results, and endorsements from both clients and respected peers.

Some organisations The Network has worked with;



The Network’s credibility

We can produce client endorsements from every member of The Network, alongside their track record and case studies working with organisations.

Some Examples of Awards The Network has won;


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Areas of Expertise

We can work with Brands, Rights Owners, and Individuals (athletes/artists) who want to grow their business interests. For more information on The Network’s skillsets, sports, experience and expertise click here.


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Case Studies

Below is a snapshot of some of the work The Network has done.

Click here for more examples of our work.

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How we can help you

Knowledge, Flexibility, Price

We have a unique combination of breadth of knowledge, flexibility and competitive pricing that makes us an ideal strategic partner. We are fully independent which means individuals within The Network have the ability to make completely impartial and objective recommendations, agnostic of delivery channel and any attachment to other businesses. This creates trust and transparency, and work that will always be in the clients’ best interests. We can help;


 Find you the right Consultants
  • If prospective clients know which skill-set they requite, Clients can approach consultants directly, or ask the Hub to manage this process for you.
Account Management
  • The Hub and our Account Management Team can manage a Consultant or team of Consultants for you, so you have a single point of contact.
Brief Creation
  • The Hub can work with Clients to design a Brief  to send out to The Network, shortlist the best Consultant or team of Consultants, and then allow you to work directly with them or account manage them for you through the Hub.
Skill Search
  • If you are unsure if our Consultant/s have the right skills match for your job, we will brief The Network and create a shortlist for a preliminary round of meetings.  We are continually growing our network so we can also find skilled endorsed people through our alliance of consultants.
Building a Team
  • We can build bespoke teams for Projects,  business launches, on ongoing work.


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