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Building Business through Sport

iMedia is a sports marketing consultancy offering advice to organisations on how to use sports to grow their business interests – whether advising on marketing strategies, sponsorship programmes, live event experiences, or hospitality programmes.

We’ve been helping companies grow their business for 20 years. We’ve learnt how to become trusted by some of the world’s great organisations. We understand what is required to operate at the world’s biggest events, and how to produce our own. It’s down to huge attention to detail in our operational process and a scientific understanding of what makes our clients customers happy.



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Our Background

In 2001 iMedia was spun-off from its Dentsu advertising roots as an independent, privately owned sports marketing consultancy. We wanted to create a streamlined company that could deliver cost savings, time efficiencies, insight and creativity.

We successfully developed into an experienced team of sports marketing specialists with the support mechanism of one of the world’s leading communication networks. Over the years we have worked with a broad portfolio of national and international brands, agencies and rights owners.

Winner of ESA’s International Sponsorship Award for the most effective use of strategic sponsorship, our work has also been presented to the European Commission as Industry ‘Best Practice’ and has been published in ‘Sponsorship Works – Top 30 Case Studies – A Brand Marketer’s Casebook.’

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Meaningful Experiences

For 20 years we have created 100’s of Partnerships for 1000’s of people in multiple markets. However, what makes us different is our work and focus on meaningful experiences, those moments of inspiration that can make profound differences to people’s lives. This now is even more important post Covid, at a time when companies find it increasingly difficult to physically interact with their most important people in their stakeholder group – customer, employees, prospects, investors, partners, and society as a whole. That is why we have put huge focus in our R&D to understand the science behind the emotional connection of relationships and formalising this process in our Peak Partnership Model.



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The Beauty of Sport

Meaningful experiences can come though those moments of inspiration that can have a profound impact on people’s lives. The emotion, drama, despair and joy that sport can provide is easy to understand and, most of us, have experienced this at first hand. The stories that are told, the lessons that we learn and the memories that we hold. All play an important part in many millions of lives. That is why we are drawn to sport and have built our business around it.

Over the years we have worked across many sporting environments, from golf to soccer, from rugby to mind sports, from athletics to swimming. Modelling international sports rights, to designing sponsorship programmes, designing live event experiences and delivering international hospitality programmes. But ultimately what our focus is to use sport as a way to connect the companies we work with to their audience in an meaningful way so those people have an emotional reason why to sample, purchase and endorse their products.


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