Our Culture

“Hello, we’re iMedia

For nearly 20 years we have designed, created and partnered with 100′s of events impacting 1000′s of people. Some for the world’s great organisations, and some our own. But what sets us apart is our purpose to create truly meaningful experiences.

We do this through our “Peak Partnership” model; the collaboration between organisations, rights owners and the audience they serve. This creates purpose, uncovers true values and insights – that if done well create moments of inspiration that can make profound differences to people’s lives.”

-Julian Hay, Founder of iMedia


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Our Purpose

To create truly meaningful experiences that can make a real difference to people’s lives. How do we do this? Not by guessing, but knowing. So we have now centred our business around The Wondr Project – our R&D – where we study the latest scientific research into emotional connections.

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“I want to congratulate you all for the success of the carolling.  What a wonderful event, what a success and such fun!  I am so glad that I participated.”

-Participant / singer / fun seeker


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Our values

We want everyone to be proud of the business and we think the best way of achieving this is by living the values that are closest to our hearts. Our values reflect what we are, why and how we do things, and where we increasingly want to be:

Honesty & Friendship

We help to create an honest friendly atmosphere with all our business partners – whether customers, suppliers, investors, and employees. To have a truly successful partnership we believe you need all team members to be honest, transparent and constructive.


We have the discipline required to provide a high-quality work product, time for learning and growth, as well as our physical and mental wellbeing – in a striving to fullfill our true potential.

Love of learning

We actively seek to make life better through learning, whether by seeking opportunities to learn by ourselves or by developing inspirational ways for others to learn.

In Partnership

We believe we can create amazing opportunities through partnership and collaboration. We believe in a Stakeholder Model where all parts of a business are equally important – Society, Partners, Investors, Customers & Employees. We can do amazing work by collaborating with different skills, tied together in our 20yr process that we call a Peak Partnership Model.


We recognise being in a sports business that Play – whether in sport, the arts, music or whatever is inspirational for you – is imperative to learning and understanding what creates deep meaningful connections. We deliberately create a fun, positive spirit to everything that we do. It’s that simple.


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About working at iMedia

Our People

We want to be a business that makes a difference to people’s lives. We want to help them connect, feel alive, be passionate. We want the work we do with companies to have a powerful and positive impact on their employees, their customers and, where possible, the broader community. We want our business to operate in this way. This is why we get out of bed in the morning.

The everyday stuff

We know that the best learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom – but away from your desk and trying new things out. So in a business that’s always evolving like iMedia, there are the opportunities to develop yourself. It’s important to get away from the usual day-to-day and take a step back and improve on the skills and get even better at what you do. That’s why our L&D is a central part of our business and values. Team meets are short and to the point – on the move ideally. Daily 9am meets keep everyone up to speed, regular weekly and monthly deeper discussions with reports build relationships, and quarterly and yearly reviews give regular targets and feedback loops.

Being new

Everyone was new once. So we’ve made being new at iMedia the best experience we can, by getting the whole team involved so you receive a complete picture of how the business works and seeing how your role fits into the team and how you can contribute.



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Learning & Development

We take the development of our people very seriously. We know it’s a reason why great people want to join and stay at iMedia – to further their careers, to become a better version of themselves, and to play a part in growing a successful business. Also because it makes sense for us to have a team of engaged, talented, high performing people at the top of their game. So learning and development is win-win all round.

For the past ten years we have been carrying out our own Learning & Development on peak experience, working with psychologists, organisations and the latest research. We wanted to understand why some events and experiences were life-changing and others “merely good.”

We therefore set up ‘The Wondrlust Project’, a series of internal research projects and programmes to understand better where the stardust came from that would make our work truly special.

How do we do it

This Learning & Development work has been the engine that has driven and defined us. It is now incubated in our Wondr Academy where we aspire to become established at the forefront of work on peak experience.

And we now want to open up this work and the Academy to the wider world. We want to create experiences, environments and events that transcend marketing solutions.

And we invite you to be part of this fast-moving field of research, for your benefit and those you live and work with. Whether it is just to satisfy your initial curiosity, involvement in R&D development and pilots, bespoke project work or courses and seminars.



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In a nutshell, our philosophy is that everyone should get something, but the people who contribute the most should get the most:

Salary – an annual pay review ensures that high performance is rewarded by increasing capacity to earn.

PRP bonus – every year if we hit our targets we all get the chance to share in the success.

Private health care – in case you do yourself a mischief, we have private health care to cover those trips to the physiotherapist.

Gym membership – we want everyone to stay fit and healthy in mind and body.
Tax saving schemes – we also help people to save money where possible via tax saving schemes, for example we run the childcare voucher scheme and also the ‘Ride2work’ bike scheme.


Other nice stuff

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