How we work

Peak Partnership Model

Building high value, confident and professional branded experiences requires the most solid foundations. At iMedia our strength comes from:

  • 20 years of experience as a Partnership Agency, designing, planning and producing over 150 high-quality branded experiences built around global sports occasions; events that match the highest quality standards for our clients. Events that transcend the norm.
  • A stable high-performance team that has been growing together, since our launch, building long-term relationships with the most discerning, outcome-focused marketing leaders and brands. We don’t employ in-house sales or marketing managers; the iMedia people you meet at the first strategic planning meeting will be dedicated to you and your event through design, planning, delivery and through the evaluation cycle.
  • Dedicated experts: our absolute focus on sports-centric Partnered events means our clients joy the quality assurance and insights that only long-held world-class sports event expertise can deliver.
  • Behavioural science insights, in our design and production processes, our understanding of the holistic nature of human motivations, behaviours and thought processes means that iMedia’s unique experience and event solutions deliver real results in terms of audiences’ thoughts, communications and behaviours.
  • Complete integration with our clients’ marketing and brand campaigns. As marketing professionals, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to create experiences and outcomes that complement and support multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns.
  • World-class proven planning and implementation processes, “PEAK PARTNERSHIP MODEL”, safeguarding quality and helping brands deliver their core messages, in time-critical one-off events with world class standards. Our quality processes deliver assurance, accountability and transparency. We believe in and practice kaizen, continual improvement, to keep our processes and collaboration techniques at the cutting edge in the events market.
  • Focus on the right results. iMedia design and planning processes, “PPM”, are focused on delivering our clients’ desired outcomes. We only see events as successful if they deliver against the stated objectives that our clients deem critical. Our planning and collaboration processes always include rigorous and transparent reviews of performance versus the plan and an assessment of our clients’ KPIs.


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