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About The Wondr Project

The Wondr Project’s purpose is to design experiences to help people learn how to perform to their best in the good times, and build resilience in the tougher times. Our area of learning is within the field of positive psychology & neuroscience. We are interested in the link between Peak Experiences and Peak Performance – and we are influenced by the likes of Maslow, Haidt, Csikszentmihalyi, Seligman, Frankl to name a few. Over the last decade we have designed programmes of learning and development around Talks, Webinars, Events, Activities & Digital Content (web, social, film).

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Digital content

Wondrlust Magazine

  • Format: Digital content / social feeds / in-email
  • Timeline: Daily feed, 3 posts daily, 7 days a week
  • Details: Understanding how to live to your full potential – the curation of the most up to date expert advice, techniques and tools. To show how and why simple actions can have a dramatic effect on your physical and mental wellbeing.

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“People with Purpose”, by Kevin Murray

  • Format: Live and Recorded for online use
  • Timeline: Breakfast talk 830-1045am
  • Details: An exclusive talk with Kevin Murray who discussed his new book “People with Purpose”. The book explored the competitive advantage of having compelling purpose at the heart of business strategy and included valuable insights from over 30 CEOs of top companies, including Virgin Atlantic, Moss Bros and Yodel.

“Many thanks for the invitation yesterday. It was a really informative session and incredibly timely for what I am currently trying to embed within SMG. It was also a very good networking opportunity. It was a pleasure to meet you amongst others”
Managing Director, SMG

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How to Fulfil your True Potential

  • Format: Live Event online / offline + recorded for online use
  • Timeline: Half day
  • Details: 8 speakers, 15mins each, 7 habits. In a series of 15min talks our speakers from the world of business, psychology, sport, medicine took you on a journey from the world of elite sport and top entrepreneurship, and as far afield as war torn Iraq, and the Ebola outbreaks in Africa. Each inspirational personal story helped to show the importance of these 7 habits and how to live by them to help fulfil your true potential.

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“Chip Conley on Peak Performance”

  • Format: Digital Content; Live + Recorded for online use
  • Timeline: 1hr
  • Details: The WondrAcademy hosted an international Webinar with Chip Conley (West Coast USA), who has been Strategic Advisor to the Founders of Airbnb. In the 10 years since the first edition of his book “Peak” introduced Chip’s powerful strategy, it has been adopted by organisations spanning six continents in just about every industry, including the global hospitality disruptor and influencer, Airbnb.“

“It’s one thing to read about an approach to business that seems both practical and admirable. It’s a whole different matter when you see it practice and work miraculously. I was fortunate to experience both the power of Peak and the power of Chip’s leadership presence as we grew Airbnb together from 2013-2017.”
– Joe Gebbia, co-founder Chief Product Officer, Airbnb

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Events / Activities

Mayfair Dash

  • Format: Live Event / Activity
  • Timeline: 20min outside activity a day / over 3months
  • Details: We created a little bit of competitive fun in W1; whilst helping support and understand more about physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. We used Strava to allow people to be independent, record their times, and automatically go onto our Club leader board. People could complete as many laps as they liked and that’s it! Oh and there was weekly encouragement posts to help understand and learn more on mental health & wellbeing on our Wondrlust & Facebook pages. So with just a few steps, leaps, and sign ups… people could strive to live a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle.

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iMedia – Wellbeing & Performance

  • Format: Individuals & Group Training
  • Timeline: Daily
  • Details: Training focuses on team performance in good times and harder times. Although our genes influence about 50% of our personal happiness, our circumstances like income and environment affect only about 10%. As much as 40% is accounted for by our daily activities and the conscious choices we make. So the good news is that our actions really can make a difference… Over the last 10yrs iMedia has been integrating learnings from positive psychology and neuroscience with a focus on a 7 habit framework – Strengths & Virtues, Positivity (Optimism & Gratitude), Physical Health (Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight, Nutrition), Relationships, Meaning & Purpose, Flow, Kindness. Continual Learning & Development by tracking (in agreement) of the individual and collectively with the team. People have consistently performed 10% higher through this work.

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  • Format: Integration across the business – digital / talks / workshops / events / activities
  • Timeline: Yearlong programme
  • Details: Reboot focused on the link between Physical and Mental Health and creating a programme of events, experiences and activities to help people better understand how to embed these learnings into their day to day lives. It was also to have fun, while at the same time being underpinned with a sincere message and charitable cause. The yearlong programme was delivered through a mixture of academic talks, digital content (posts, social feeds, videos), events, workshop and a finale.

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