The Network Model


The Network runs a formalised Vetting process to maintain the quality of the individuals, the fit to culture and the breath of knowledge

  • Invite only – Introduction made by member of The Network
  • Informal interview process – (i) Introductions (ii) Detailed Q&A (iii) Contractual Discussions
  • Endorsements – 2 x endorsed quotes that can be verified + put on web/social/creds
  • Track record & Case studies – 2 x Case Studies verified by clients to be run on Social
  • Skill-set – to be a value added for The Network
  • Peer group review – Group feedback & agreement


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We offer a highly bespoke and personal service to our clients.

We provide cost estimates where we can, and work closely with our clients to provide a high-quality, cost-effective service. The services we provide and the way we provide those services are tailored to our clients, and accordingly so are the fees we charge.

  • Our Consultant charge daily rates from £800 to £1500* (*NB: excluding legal fees)
  • Our Account Management Team charge daily rates from £400 to £850.
  • Our Admin Assistant charge daily rates from £350.

All rates depend on the seniority of the individual and the practice area. In some cases and on request, we may offer to work on a fixed-fee, Project Management or commission. In these cases, fees are discussed and agreed before we start work.

Our consultants are free to amend their normal rate to suit prevailing circumstances and to detail such arrangements in the relevant Engagement Letter. The firm does not operate a system of billing targets for individuals. Clients also benefit from this approach, receiving a service from consultants at competitive rates.


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