From 1996 to 2010 developed a pan-European strategy to build the Lexus brand from out of Toyota + create customer/prospect strategy. Once this was achieved improve the brand awareness globally.


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  • Support Lexus Distributors + their Dealer base across Europe
  • Target Lexus Prospects + Customers
  • Increase the number of Lexus Prospects
  • Gain Prospect data for Sales Conversion
  • Offer Lexus prospects/customers ‘Lexus premium experience’
  • Raise Awareness against the target audience


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1996: Brand audit, market review. Create, produce, market a pan-European golf strategy

1997-2001: Lexus European Golf Cup created. Colin Montgomerie + Thomas Bjorn sponsored. Integrated events, sponsorship, MarComms strategy implemented

1997-2003: Colin Montgomerie used in fully integrated marketing programme

2005-2010: Lexus sponsorship of ‘The Open’ + creation of Lexus World Golf Cup

2006-2008: Lexus sponsorship of Women’s British Open + leverage of Annika Sorrenstam Lexus sponsorship



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Campaign Overview

1. Lexus sponsorship of Colin Montgomerie (branding, use of name + likeness, corporate days, Monty to drive Lexus cars)

2. Creation of Lexus European Golf Events (82 events, 5058 participants)
-Montgomerie in all Marketing literature
-Montgomerie attends Lexus European Cup Final

3. Creation of Special Events with Montgomerie, to support Distributors
-3 month exhibition in France
-Golf days in Portugal, Sweden, France, UK

4. Creation of Promotional Material fronted by Montgomerie used for all golf related events
-ie DM, posters, invitations, ads, banners

5. Creation of PR Strategy to support European programme;
-Lexus Title sponsor + Montgomerie Patron of European Under 21 Golf Championship, followed by the Lexus/Montgomerie Mentoring scheme (see below no.’s 6 + 7)
-Title Sponsor of U21’s + the creation of the Lexus Mentoring programme, allowed a 3 tier PR hook to be created; Professional / Montgomerie, Amateur / Lexus Cup, Grass roots / Lexus U21’s. This was the central theme in all Media relations throughout 2001.

6. Lexus Title sponsorship + Montgomerie Patron of European Under 21 Golf Championship.
-Objective of event is to support / provide junior golf with focal point + give young stars of tomorrow the perfect vehicle to progress from amateur to professional
-European event to enhance European Marketing strategy

7. Developing this theme, Lexus/Montgomerie created the Lexus Mentoring Scheme to provide the best young golfers with advice and coaching from Montgomerie for their future transition from the amateur to professional game

• Pan-European umbrella sponsorship created to support 13 European countries

• Lexus spend c. 4x’s more on marketing the Lexus/Montgomerie strategy than the actual cost of the Lexus/Montgomerie sponsorship fee

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Results and Summary

In response to the 6 Campaign Objectives:-

1) Support Lexus Distributors + their Dealer base across Europe
-13 Countries supported programme
-5058 participants in 82 golf tournaments across Europe
-the most subscribed Lexus or Toyota programme in Europe

2. Target Lexus Prospects + Customers
-17,635 Prospects + Customers targeted directly

3. Increase the number of Lexus Prospects
-43% of participants were Prospects – highest ever number (23% when programme started)

4. Gain Prospect data for Sales Conversion
-217 Sales – €7,595,000 – directly related to Strategy

5. Offer Lexus prospects/customers ‘Lexus premium experience’
-Lexus Premium Experience through Lexus Cup National Events, European Final, Corporate Days

6. Raise Awareness against the target audience
-Raised awareness through media strategy;
-TV; Montgomerie at tournaments, U-21’s, TV sponsorship
-Pan-European Press; Generic PR strategy (generic), U-21s, Mentoring, Special Events
-Promotional materials (Posters, ads, invitations etc)
-2005-2010 -3 fold increase in media value over 5yrs (€1.03mil to €3.6mil)
-Positive Brand transfer from The Open to Lexus Brand. High Quality, Excellence, Global, Prestigious, Exclusive. 98% of which are favourable about Lexus


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