So for starters, how about great people at a great price?

“My chosen agency always has its best people working on my business, and always at the best price.”

As a client how often have you said that about your agency? Once? Never? Probably the latter. Maybe a bit more like “they don’t understand us, inflexible, overpriced….” Same issues, nothing changes. Except that something – we hope – has changed.

At iMedia we have taken a simple idea (and 20years of experience, covid, and the uncertain landscape) to turn it into reality. It’s not a new idea (we borrowed the model from a great law firm) but it’s new to sports and entertainment marcomms, as far as we know.

We have established a network of best-in-class senior consultants alongside our highly professional back-office function and 20-year-old award winning sports marketing business. Bringing together world-class, independent practitioners who have done everything from World Cups to Olympics to F1, united around common values of excellence in client service.

Called “The Network” clients have complete flexibility to work with one or more consultants directly or through our account management hub. Our vetting process means clients can be confident of our consultant’s quality, being strongly endorsed by clients & industry peers.

In the post-lockdown world where nothing is certain, can the old agency model offer the breadth of knowledge, experience, and fast turn around to solve these difficult problems?

So for starters, how about great people at a great price?

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Julian Hay


The Network (powered by iMedia)