Is It Possible To Design A Peak Customer Experience?

As I have written previously, the overall happiness of our employees, customers and partners sits front and centre of everything we do. The research proves the benefits of focusing on meaning & happiness for increased performance, employee wellbeing and resilience in tough times.

Over the last decade we have been looking to understand the links with Peak Experiences and Peak Performance and is it possible to design these experiences around a structure.

We use a 7 habit framework that underpins everything we do. Whether designing the Culture of our Business or the Experiences for clients. This can be subtle in the way we interact or it can be more ambitious in event design. But we use this 7 habits in conjunction with a Habit Loop of “Inspiration / Knowledge / Action”.

This year we have been further Testing the Peak Experience Model with Reboot 2019 understanding the link between Mental and Physical Health with a focus of the 4 pillars of Exercise, Sleep, Sunlight & Nutrition.

We held talks with some brilliant academics to start the years programmes, are running a series of partnered events (run, bike, swim) culminating in a Mini ‘indoor/outdoor’ Tri on 17 November where teams of all ages and skill levels will come together in a Finale – with digital content to support  you on that journey. But ultimately this is about creating an yearlong experience around our Purpose, Mission and Values for our Stakeholder community. This is about raising awareness for something that is much bigger than any one individual, and raising knowledge and funds for the CWMT.

The Wondr Project is our R&D space where we try and test ideas so we can bring new methods & design to our customers with confidence – this is our Peak Experience Model.

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Written by Julian Hay

Founder iMedia


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